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We are Kent based building surveyors offering a complete range of building surveying services throughout the county. Our focus on the county of Kent has enabled us to retain a wealth of knowledge that can not be matched by any other firm, the benefit that brings to our client’s is we know the terrain and it’s potential pitfalls. Naturally we have built up a wealth of knowledge about builders as well.  Be they builders of the current generation, or of 500 years past and we think that makes for a service you can trust to be accurate.

From Broadstairs to Bromley and all the towns, villages and cities along the way, we are sure to have surveyed some building or another in our time.  Our fees reflect the quality of our work and are refreshingly competitive at the same time.

Our website answers some of the key question you will need answers to, but call it old fashioned or call it being people centric… we like talking to people about their needs so feel free to call us any time. No obligation.